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We are committed to becoming a high-performance printer by respecting our ecosystem every day. This commitment is made in adequacy with our customers, who, for the most part, are looking for partners who are not only aware but proactive on these subjects. As the material footprint of printed documents continues to increase, we can optimize this growing consumption of printing media and inks to make print a more responsible communication medium.

Our RSE approach is fully in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

PRESERVE our ecosystem by fully complying with the latest environmental standards and upholding environmental values.

COMMIT ourselves as a responsible printer: preserve and develop a quality social dialogue, invest in the skills of our employees, key elements of competitiveness and securing professional careers. To give priority to the transmission of knowledge and know-how within the framework of sustainable management. Manao, heir to tradition, invests in new printing technologies that use less energy and are more environmentally friendly, such as water-based and solvent-free inks.

RESPECT our environment, by developing a service of production which guarantees a traceability of our ecoresponsible step on our supports of impression, by having paper certified PEFC, recycled or recyclable resulting from durably managed forests. The Imprim’Vert certification obtained in 2021 is for us a reward… or rather a recognition, as a clean company, which manage its waste and is responsible for its environmental impact.

To PRESERVE our ecosystem

To COMMIT as a responsible printer and

To RESPECT our environment

It is the challenge to be a real actor
and a spearhead on our sector of activity.

Preserving our ecosystem

A responsible printed media is a useful media, truly adapted to the needs and uses of our customers, which, when properly analyzed, allows us to offer formats that generate less waste, a graphic design that uses less ink during printing, on media adapted in quality and weight, and even the optimization of deliveries in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and our energy consumption

How can we do this ?
Reduce the environmental impact of production.
Act to reduce the environmental impact of our activities and aim for carbon neutrality.
Encourage the use of alternative materials that are more environmentally friendly.
Improve the carbon footprint of our logistics solutions.
Implement a responsible purchasing policy.

Commitment and acting as a responsible player

Our company encourages a mix of ages, genders and cultures, creating mentoring that guarantees the transmission of knowledge and know-how, which allows us to foster more creativity and innovation among our employees. Manao Communication’s commitment in our territory allows the promotion of associations specialized in Upcycling/Surcycling that collect waste from printed advertising media in order to valorize them by reusing them. Favoring local suppliers of printing materials who offer shaping and cutting to size, in order to avoid waste of material.

How :
Get involved to improve the knowledge and attractiveness of the profession, and continue to train qualified professionals.
Develop partnerships and get involved with local communities.
Sourcing eco-designed materials or materials from recycling channels.
Sourcing de matières Eco conçues ou issues de filières de recyclage.
Eco-design approach applied to the various printed communication media.

Respecting our environment without jeopardizing its formidable biodiversity reserve

We entrust the recycling of our waste to a transparent company that ensures traceability in accordance with the requirements of our environmental policy. Special attention is paid to the sorting and recovery of paper waste. Papers, cardboards, adhesives, banners are sorted and recycled by an industrial consortium. The label Imprim’Vert is a mark which gives sense to our purchases, testifies to our ecological commitment and reinforces our eco-citizen values while developing our concrete actions for the environment.

How :
Selective sorting and waste recovery.
Promote our company’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy to our partners, suppliers and customers.
Satisfy and develop customer loyalty by ensuring quality of service.
To renew annually the certification of the label Imprim’Vert.
To be loyal in all circumstances and to have an honest behaviour towards our colleagues, customers and suppliers.